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Traveling? Giving Back? In Good Health? 

Living Close to Family?

Eliminate Mortgage Payment

Most people have no idea they can generate cash-flow in retirement by accessing

equity they already own.

Join the 1 million people who have cracked the code on retirement cash flow. 

Reverse mortgage right time

The limitation of living on a fixed income leaves many people worried, anxious, and stressed. 

Savvy home owners use this specialized loan to utilize & protect their largest asset.

We believe homeowners who qualify should have access to use their equity as non-taxable proceeds in retirement.


A Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) is insured by FHA and can help retirees utilize their home equity, a previously non-liquid asset. 

Kevin A. Guttman is a Senior Loan Specialist with a passion for helping senior homeowners maximize their cash-flow in retirement.  

kevin guttman reverse mortgage specialis

Real Customers

Dick and Marj
Real Customers

Dick and Marj

Professional Endorsements

“Kevin Guttman and his team are very knowledgeable and helpful with every aspect of the loan process. Kevin is professional, courteous and always available to answer questions and provide guidance. He is a top notch adviser who takes the stress out of home finance. I refer him and his staff with no hesitation and great confidence!”

—  Angela Jones, Attorney

The Simple Process

Reverse Mortgage Steps

1) Get Acquainted

This is a no-obligation, complimentary, informational meeting. Nothing bought, nothing sold. The goal is to discover if this is the right product at the right time for your situation.

How long does a reverse mortgage take?

3) Underwriting & Processing

From application to closing, it is a 30-45 day process, depending on the appraisal. We'll take care of all the processing, compliance and underwriting for you. 

Reverse Mortgage Documentation

2) Counseling

All borrowers must complete required third-party counseling. We work together to collect all the necessary documentation.

Reverse Mortgage Closing

4) Closing

Last, we close on the loan. You receive the proceeds and are able to use* them how you see fit.

*the only restriction is that you may not purchase an annuity. 

3 Ways to Access Equity Non-Taxable

For years, you've been paying on your house.
Now, your house will pay you.



receive proceeds one time



monthly proceeds

Line of


grows between 5-6% a year guaranteed compound interest

Quiz: Do You Qualify?

We Promise

  • When you call, you will work with and talk to the same person each time.

  • We listen first, understand your needs. We have a no-pressure policy.

  • You will get regular updates so you're informed and not left in the dark.

  • We will respond to your call, text or email the same day.

  • We educate and present options in a way that's easy to understand. No confusing industry terms. 

  • We have a no stupid questions policy. Ask away! We're here to help you understand.

Let's chat. Ask all your questions and we will work together to determine if this is the right option for you.  

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